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Serene - Template Screenshot

“Serene is a flexible Textpattern template, designed for maximum
accessibility and convenience for the reader. It looks clean and has some nifty features too.”


  1. Thomas Arie

    Feb 28, 04:39 AM

    VA, this is SUPERB! Nice! Love it!

  2. Alex McKee

    Feb 28, 08:40 AM

    Very professional. Well done!

  3. Evdawg

    Feb 28, 09:44 AM

    best theme yet IMO

  4. Vladimir

    Feb 28, 10:16 AM

    Thanks! I’m glad that you like it. Please, feel free to contact me if you find any bugs or just have any ideas about the template. It still has so much room for improvement…

  5. q

    Feb 28, 11:03 AM

    my favourite so far – love it! :-)

  6. Mattias

    Mar 2, 02:39 AM

    Super nice! Consider throwing my own layout and make place for this one… if you could place bets on the winner of this competition I would… you know what I mean. Very well crafted!

  7. Vladimir

    Mar 2, 05:26 AM

    Well, lets keep our fingers crossed then! :-) Thanks.

  8. Ryan

    Mar 2, 11:18 AM


    Great theme. I have to use IE6 at work and the buttons in the header don’t really render until you mouse over them. Probably some weird glitch, but thought it might help for release 2.0!

  9. Vladimir

    Mar 2, 11:53 AM

    Ryan, does it behave like that all the time? Please try to reload the page after clearing the cache and see if the glitch recurs, then inform me with the results.

    IE6 on my WinXP installation seems to render everything just fine.

  10. red

    Mar 5, 10:39 PM

    great theme, love it :)

  11. Elizabeth

    Mar 20, 07:09 AM

    I’ve just installed this and really like it. I’m looking forward to the new header packs. Wonderful creation.

  12. red

    Apr 4, 08:31 PM

    congrats on winning the contest :)

  13. akamarvin

    Apr 11, 09:11 AM

    comfortable 3 columns “right-right” designs are quite rare. Your one is a blessing. Thanks.

    Do you think it would be possible to fix/glue the right columns to the top ? So they don’t disappear when scrolling down and only content scrolls .

    Andreas Viklund managed to do that with a left column without frames there :

    But with a big right block, I don’t know.

  14. Angelo Ashmore

    Apr 11, 12:00 PM

    position: fixed;

    That will do it easily. But it does not work in IE. I used a JavaSctipt to make it work in IE with my template.

  15. Dorian

    Apr 12, 04:03 AM

    very very nice, me bows

  16. Farid

    May 4, 06:09 PM

    Great template, i love it. Thanks Vlad

  17. paulo cesar

    May 9, 10:13 AM

    i get this error:

    tag_error -> Textpattern Warning: unknown_tag

    would you know why?thanks!!!

  18. Vladimir

    May 12, 10:16 PM

    Paulo, check if you have installed the plugins I provided in the template package.

  19. John G.

    May 31, 11:03 AM

    brilliant theme, great work.

    i just installed textpattern to see if it’s any better than wordpress and it is, it totally floors it!

    any news on when the theme pack is going to be released, so want to use this!

  20. Vladimir

    Jun 6, 06:37 AM

    Sorry for not justifying you expectations, guys.

    The backgrounds pack will not be released soon because of the exam session in my university that will last for the whole month or maybe even longer.

  21. David Lancelot

    Jun 12, 06:50 AM

    Hi there =)

    Anyone who knows what may be wrong in my installation of Serene? I think it’s something with the “header”-form or some configuration in the sections that did go wrong, but I’m not 100% sure.

    It’s a beautiful theme, but I just can’t figure it out how to install it… :(


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