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White and Wild

White and Wild - Template Screenshot

“The White and Wild theme for Textpattern is actually more than a simple theme. Its a fully developed Textpattern site including a home page, archives page, links page, about page and contact form. It uses a revolutionary new install process – the theme is installed as a standard Textpattern plugin. All forms, pages and styles are added in seconds. Even the required sections can be setup automatically by running a SQL script provided with the install.

Other features:

  • Installing the theme does not overwrite your existing Textpattern installation.
  • Several commonly used plugins are already integrated with the theme.
  • The stylesheet is organized and commented for easy updating.
  • Tested in current versions of Firefox, IE and Opera on Windows and Firefox, Safari, Camino and Opera on OS X. “


  1. stdmedia

    Feb 28, 03:32 PM

    Very nice and clean, good to see that textpattern’s theming is coming along nicely!

  2. Angelo Ashmore

    Feb 28, 03:44 PM

    Very cool installation.

    But not valid CSS :(

  3. q

    Feb 28, 03:48 PM

    wow, this is really great – definitely going to download and test out this one :-)

  4. Richard Glover

    Feb 28, 04:19 PM

    Ingenious…why didn’t I think of that! ;)

  5. Rob

    Mar 1, 12:20 AM

    Angel – Forgot to mention, this is actually a bug in the CSS validator as Eric Meyer explains here.

  6. Rob

    Mar 1, 02:30 AM

    And now I forgot the o on the end of your name. Sorry.

  7. Jamie

    Mar 1, 02:47 PM

    Great work Rob. Once again pushing the envelope!

  8. Rosalind

    Mar 11, 08:45 PM

    It wouldn’t work for me. I followed the install directions to a tee, but I still had the default Textpattern theme. Such a shame; I really liked this theme.

  9. Dana

    Mar 14, 06:54 PM

    I like this theme a lot.I love that only one post is showcased at the top and the image can easily be changed to fit the user’s preference.

    Placing the usual sidebar content at the bottom is also a nice little feature that makes this design stand out a bit.

    I do think a little color wouldn’t hurt though.Too much white, grey and black.Still a nice theme though.

    Good luck :)

  10. Rob

    Mar 17, 02:58 AM

    Just a note for people installing this template.

    The contact form will be sent to me by default. Be sure to change that address being used on the contact page if you’re wondering where your message went. I can’t tell you how many I’ve gotten in the past few weeks!

  11. Vladimir

    Mar 17, 08:02 AM

    It’s a good way to keep track of WaW-based websites, though. :-) I receive those often too.

  12. Peewee

    Apr 5, 11:06 AM

    Strange – everything looks great and it is a great template), but the title is missing. Where you have White And Wild top right I have nothing unless you hover and get the link box.

  13. Nikolaj Tuxen Gerstrøm

    Apr 30, 07:59 AM

    This is a very fine template, that can be used as a basis for many webdesigns. It is good that you have made about, contact etc pages as a start.

    I just love the clean look, and the fine CSS file made easy to edit and get an overview.

    Thank you. Keep up the good work.

    You can see my use of this template on

    Best regards,


  14. Markus Merz

    May 18, 05:43 AM

    I am using W&W for over a year now and it has proved to be of ‘Rock Stable’ quality and already has undergone many little changes and extensions, but still is a comparable W&W derivate. Thanks Rob for this template and all your nice plug-ins!

  15. Luis Garcia

    Jan 3, 04:03 AM

    I installed this last night and noticed that it has many bugs in IE7. I guess when this template came out, IE7 wasn’t as widely used.


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